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New Kids On The Block!

To all our loyal friends and clients. Please note that as of now Chilcott Real Estate has ceased to trade and the company will now trade under the name of Approved Real Estate (NT). Once the agreement to purchase the remaining partners share is finalised both Kylie and Paul will become the sole owners and operators of Approved Real Estate making us a 100% Territory business.Management and Staff of…

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Building a Better Palmerston ~ Updating Palmerston Residents

Building a Better Palmerston Facebook PageWanting to know about the construction work currently being undertaken in our Palmerston CBD?  Keep informed by "Liking" Building a Better Palmerston's Facebook page with updates on this and much more by Aldermen Paul Bunker and Andrew Byrne.

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How Valuable Is Your Time

Imagine there is a bank that credits your account with $86,400 at the start of each day.It carries over no balance to the next day and deletes whatever hasn’t been used at the end of the day.WHAT WOULD YOU DO???Draw out every cent of course!!! Each of us has such an account and it’s called TIME.At the start of every day it credits you with 86,400 seconds.At the end of the day it writes off as…

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