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Introducing MB Irrigation

Having attended a training session recently with our fantastic Property Management team and the owner/operator of MB Irrigation Marty Brown, I was impressed by the lengths Marty and his team go towards helping our clients.

Using my own personal property as an example and knowing full well that I had a leak in my irrigation, Marty showed my team what to look for in isolating a station to find the source of the leak. Once the leak was found, and by all measures I can tell you that the small leak I thought I had was now quite large due to my personal neglect of my system. Marty then proceeded to show us how he exposes the pipe using his hydro excavator (vacuum excavator). This effortless and non-evasive system exposed both pipes laying side by side and had a simple shovel been used, the risk of damaging the other would have been a lot higher.

As Marty attempted to fix the sizable split in the low density poly piping that was installed, the ends kept splitting. This is a classic example of simple irrigation using what I now know to be cheap and frankly inferior piping. For me, personally, I will be looking at a complete re do of my irrigation rather than applying a patch fix that I can now see clearly for myself will continue to split and cause problems for me in the future.So until then, I will water my property manually and save the funds to have my irrigation fixed correctly.Having built my home I wish I had the option to spend a few more dollars initially and have the better quality piping installed right the first time.

SO thank you Marty for the very valuable training session.We have included a link to MB Irrigation for you to see the difference for yourself.For more information please contact Marty and the team directly or speak with your Property Manager.  Kylie

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