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Selling a Darwin property requires sound knowledge of the local real estate market as well as keen marketing and communication skills. We actively work with you to ensure your property sale is handled professionally and a beneficial outcome is reached.

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Selling a property can be a stressful experience and selecting the right agent is important. During this selection process some people focus on the agent that quotes the highest price for their property, or in turn offers the lowest commission to sell their property. There is a lot more to choosing an agent than these 2 questions. In reality the agent that achieves you the highest price will be the cheapest, giving you more money in your pocket.

Two factors that determine the sale of a property are, price and market awareness. In order for a property to sell it must be priced properly and the market needs to be aware it is for sale. If a property is on the market for an extended period it usually means one of these factors is not right. Price can be determined by the agent with good local knowledge as well as close examination of local data. This information should be presented to the owner in order to show how the price was determined. When it comes to market awareness the normal method of promotion is advertising. This can be an expensive exercise with costly campaigns set to commit the owner for a period of time even if the property is sold early.

At Approved Real Estate NT we tailor a marketing campaign to suit the client, with no upfront costs and the client only pay's for what they use rather than purchasing packages.